Ferragamo Fashion Show

Ferragamo also lets itself be charmed by the seventies and the sophisticated minimalism of the 1990s, giving rise, for the spring-summer 2011, to an extremely sophisticated collection that reinterprets the classics of the past starting from the suits so dear to the celebrated Yves Saint Laurent whose note maison pays tribute with some of the leaders carried on the catwalk for Milan fashion week.

The well-known Italian fashion house has always been synonymous with elegance and refinement and a sophisticated style that renunciation of unnecessary overhead for clean lines. Continue reading

Prada Postcard Sunglasses

Even Naomi Watts is seduced by Postcard Prada, beautiful glasses that the fashion brand has proposed in the spring summer collection 2010. The P Postcards sparse collection is a capsule collection of sunglasses PaulDigo presented during the parade and It consists of six models, each tied to a holiday resort of a big city. Each item has a different color, some time ago Eva Mendes was spotted with London model, the Cornwall glasses in transparent gray with orange lenses. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Jumpsuit

This several unusual variant of ladies clothing relatively recently became benefit from such strong popularity, but now many girls and women already literally can not imagine your wardrobe without them.
Samodostatochnыe, laconic and harmonious, when they can better emphasize the virtues of the beautiful half will save time, which is usually brag hours in front of the mirror to take a combination of biological “high” and “low”.

And there is not talk, they go almost every woman, the secret is only that he should be able to properly gather under its figure, but also skillfully combined with accessories.
If you go back and turn to the story overall is quite humble origins. Initially, this is a garment clowns and magicians that were very common in the royal courts in times of medieval Europe.

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How to Choose Maternity Sizes

One of the main reasons for uncertainty in buying maternity clothes online is not having the chance to try out what you are going to buy.
For this reason, we want to help you in choosing the right size.

Although we foresee the right of withdrawal or replacement if the garments purchased are defective or are not suitable to you (provided it is intact and not used) it is always our pleasure to avoid any pesky returns or replacements that will delay the moment when you’re wearing your ideal dress by providing information on how to choose the most suitable size.

The task is made easier by the use of stretch fabrics in the pack of the chiefs and the elastic waistband that make our maternity wear some clothes suit to your new body shape changes during pregnancy.

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How to Match Boots

The amphibians are of leather boots that have a hard rubber sole and some models, even the metal tip. The fashion of the amphibians started in the United States in the late 1980s, when he took the genre punk and it was therefore a look “heavy”. Before that, though, these boots were already used in the army and police for the exercises, because they allow you to walk properly on any type of ground without running the risk of damaging their feet. Today, the amphibians have become a clothing for everyone: they are worn by men and women, regardless of age, musical and political orientation. However, they are associated with a particular type of clothing. We see then how to wear ankle boots.

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Tips for Choosing Shoes

The more you have and the more you can’t do without! The shoes are an essential accessory for all women in the world! Alimentatate the American steriotipo of sex and the city — Carrie, women never make less than a pair of shoes! Would be willing to do everything to have the latest model signed or even just to make a good deal at the city market. Just that they are special and innovative. This guide will show you some simple advice on how to choose the right shoes to wear. Let’s see then what precautions taken.

Each outfit, every style of dress needs a different shoe of a different color, shape, and that’s why every occasion has its shoe! Many say that a person is recognized by the shoes he wears, in fact we must remember that they are just shoes they do understand the most important things about a person.

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Ermanno Scervino Blazer

Ermanno Scervino will not be particularly innovative, not will delight in a mix & match outfit color often improbable or made with the only desire to impress yet again, her own collection manages to make us remain open-mouthed. That’s what we thought about admiring men’s collection spring summer 2013 Italian stylist staged just this morning during the second day of Milan fashion week. Here’s a man who loves to experiment and follow the trends of blazer meant by digopaul without being slave of fashion.

The Milano Moda Uomo came alive with a series of fashionable collections for next spring summer 2013 are very different. If Frankie Morello seems to have abandoned the idea of creating a chic collection, Bottega Veneta has created a collection of ambivalent that coexist peacefully two souls, one casual and one more sophisticated. The most interesting collection, though, is that of Ermanno Scervino that gives us a number of chic and impeccable in which the tradition of the brand is evident and masculine elegance is taken at the highest levels. Continue reading

How to Wear Tight Sweaters


How to choose a children’s sweater? Selection of children’s sweater, great importance should be read as decor. Children especially falls on the soul of bright patterns with various ornaments, prints and drawings. Of course, to choose such clothes should be starting from the age of the child. More pretty baby sweaters are suitable for almost all flowers, with applications without. For a child of school age is worth acquire patterns of neutral shade more modest transfer.

Tips for Choosing

How to choose a tight sweater? Singed by Songaah, this is enough to pay attention to the following tips:

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