Breast Surgery Post Operative Bra

After an intervention of breast surgery, whether it is a reduction, increased or reconstruction, it is necessary to take care of his chest and follow certain rules.

Should you must wear a postoperative bra? The answer is yes, and your surgeon will advise you strongly. Designed according to very strict technical criteria, your postoperative bra will allow you to recover most of your surgery and take care of your chest and protect during his convalescence.  Lemon Curve thus giving you today some tips for choosing good your post-operative bra.

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Brazilian Womens Shoes

Today’s post brings an apparatus of everything that’s going to put the feet at the next station. The fashion spring-summer shoes are beautiful!

The highlight color for the shoes of this station are: white, blue, red, nude (in various shades), brown, red, orange, yellow, green, pink.

The white shoe comes with everything! Who says it’s just for the bride or to those who work in the area of health? A dose of boldness on the feet!

The amazing thing is that the black also appears with enough evidence. Let’s say black is basic, eh? Who doesn’t love?

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Short Sleeve Goalkeeper Jersey

Fielder Jersey as Goalie Jersey

Whether jersey for the outfield or goalkeeper jersey for the goal keeper, the choice would be my big enough for everyone to find the right jersey. But what if you as a goalkeeper a real fielder jersey particularly like? At this point you need not worry and can wear the jersey as a goalie jersey. Each Fielder jersey can use as well as goalkeeper goalie jersey. The only requirement for use is that you have to carry the outfield jersey in the other color as your team.

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Pregnant Fashion Tips

Shapeless, ill-fitting garments that still tweak to make matters worse, slip and are uncomfortable belong, long gone. Pregnant experience their unique 40 weeks today deliberately, dressed comfortably and yet fashionably elegant, feminine, individually and beautifully!


From the beginning, tight clothing on the abdomen is not only unpleasant, but also problematic for the child’s development. A supportive, yet elastic belly band is for pregnancy ideal as it provides the necessary freedom of movement. Clothing tweaks and uncomfortable, should be banished from the wardrobe. So far, the choices in this regard were severely restricted and stretch pants and leggings the only choice. Today no woman must give up the custom-fit new favorite jeans during pregnancy. But Jean skirts and elegant business outfits with tights are available in various colors and materials in the well-stocked shop available.

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Pearl Necklace Jewelry

Introduction to Jewelry with Pearls

The pearls are sought after and appreciated as always, ever since, in 4000 BC or so, the ancient Asian fishermen used to adorn jewelry from the gems found inside the collected shellfish. In the years ’60 and ’70, the jewelry with cultured pearls were considered accessories for mature and wealthy women or as ornaments for brides: Despite this, in as they were entered in the jewelry market with cultured pearls at increasingly affordable prices, this attitude tended to disappear. For a fairly low price, even younger women looking for a jewel to wear on a daily basis, as a complement to the work wardrobe can get out of your store satisfied, with an object in cultured pearls.

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Plus Size Faux Leather Pants

The large faux leather pants are everywhere. It makes us the eye corner … It looks wondering how to wear it and what are the major trends this fall-winter 2016/2017. Our experts have thought of everything. Please note, you will crack!

How to Choose a Faux Leather Pants Size?

Piece both timeless and character, the faux leather pants allows all fantasies and immediately brings a shot of pep to your outfit.

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What are VIP Pregnat

The 2013 will bring many pink and blue ribbons in the homes of VIPs. Here are the most famous of the year pace, beginning undoubtedly by pregnancy more waiting, Kate Middleton.

The birth of a baby is always a happy event; of course, the Stork can arrive when you least expect it – maybe in the midst of professional career, or in conjunction with a difficult time of their lives. What is certain is that for good or bad pregnancy radically changes the life of a couple, that between joy and grief resulting from becoming parents, must come to terms with the prospect of a change. The cinema is full of stories, which deal with this subject; last in order of appearance what to expect when you’re expecting, the hilarious comedy with Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Dennis Quaid and male star of Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford, released this past September 14 and available on Dvd and Blu-ray from 23 January. Continue reading

How to Choose Your Boots

Take care of your clothing, is crucial if we want to look beautiful and sure of ourselves. It is very important to wear fashionable clothes, accessories, perfumes and if we women also of stylish boots to emphasize our legs or in some cases cover excellently defects. In this guide we will see how to choose the boots.

The first suggestion is to prefer solid boots models, brightly colored and outlandish boots, over time could stufarci and may not fit our clothes. We buy then the stylish boots black, brown, light brown or beige too. It is then important to buy boots made with quality materials, boots too cheap may in some cases break even in just a few days. If we have in mind a particular brand of boots, let’s buy that brand of boots, not accepting any compromise as it is just that brand and that particular model we see perfect at our feet. If we have to use the boots for several hours, we try to buy a model no heel.

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Are Turtleneck Sweaters Out of Style

The turtleneck Conquered The Fashion Scene!

Whether women’s or men’s fashion, in this timeless classic this fall No one can bypass.

The reason: Major Brands have interpreted the fashionable Evergreen this year brand new and so showed it from a new perspective.

Experiencing now, as the fashionable Oldie completed the transformation from cult Basic the hottest must-have of the year has discovered and how your the it-piece now combines the best!

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Can You Wear Shorts to Work

It’s getting good, and for a few days, it no longer supports the pants. If the skirt does not appeal to you, the shorts is a nice alternative. But can wear it decently in business? Our little guide.

In labor law, freedom of dress is an individual freedom. However, if the interest and corporate image, hygiene, decency or security reasons require holding specific job, it will be important to pay attention to hispro wardrobe and use good meaning. If you are anesthetist, you can not enter the block with this cape certainly very pretty, this seems logical. If you are a professor of philosophy, you avoid wearing a lace skirt too perforated to pass remedial oral bac. In commercial enterprises or services, the customer contact is paramount. Wearing a uniform can be justified in the performance of certain functions. But what about the shorts when working in an open space and a professional branch that does not require regulation dress? For the lucky ones who can afford to wear this garment and ignore the classic trousers shirt, there are some rules to follow.

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