Marketing Abbreviations

Marketing abbreviations are convenient to use, but you need to know what they mean. There are quite a few and that is why you will find a list of commonly used marketing abbreviations below. The list consists of the three sub-areas; general marketing abbreviations, technical marketing abbreviations and other marketing abbreviations.

General Marketing Abbreviations

General marketing abbreviations are used by many people, including those who have little or no knowledge of marketing. The abbreviations are used in, for example, online advertising. The most well-known way of advertising online is using Google Adwords. You can also spend money on advertising in other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. The various Social Media platforms also offer space for paid advertising. Facebook and YouTube for example. We explain the most commonly used abbreviations here. It is always an abbreviation of an English term.


Cost Per Sale. These are the selling costs per transaction via the own website. If a third party (affiliate marketing) was involved in the sale, they will receive a percentage of the realized sales amount. CPS is the most widely used revenue model within affiliate marketing.


Cost Per Click. Payment for each click on the ad. The average CPC is the average price paid per click. The aim is to generate interest. This revenue model is also popular.


Cost Per Mille. Cost per 1000 impressions. This checkout model is often used with banner ads. The aim is to publicize the product or service. The more people see the ad, the more people know about the product and will talk about it or decide to buy it.


Cost Per Acquisition. Cost per acquisition. The sale, lead, views or other promotion is not realized on your own site but on that of an advertiser (affiliate marketing). This third party therefore makes an effort to sell a product or service of someone else and receives a reward for it.


Cost per view. Cost per view. This method is often used with videos. Although watching a video does not mean anything in itself, a frequently viewed video will increase the sales opportunity, give a product more awareness or generate leads.


Cost Per Download. Cost per download of a product. This method is often used for checking out app downloads. In fact, this already refers to the sale of a product or service.


Cost Per Lead. A lead is a sales opportunity. Leads are preceded by marketing efforts. This can also be an affiliate who advertises for the seller on their own website. In that case, the affiliate supplies an interested party who, for example, wants to receive a newsletter or sample package.


Cost Per Action is a less used marketing abbreviation. The costs per action can relate to anything: a payment, a click, a retweet or subscription to a newsletter, for example. The costs that must be incurred to achieve a desired result are translated into the Cost Per Action.


Cost per install. This abbreviation is often used in connection with the installation of mobile apps or PC software. As with CPD (Cost Per Download), this is in fact a realized sale.

Fixed fee

A fixed amount for a specific period. This may, for example, relate to displaying an advertisement for a certain period of time or being entitled to a certain number of clicks or views during a certain period.


Click through rate. Click-through rate in Dutch. The CTR shows the ratio between the number of times a particular ad is viewed and the number of times that this ad is actually clicked. CTR = number of clicks / number of views.


Search Engine Advertising. Search engine advertising in Dutch. SEA often refers to advertising in Google (Google Adwords), but you can also advertise in other search engines such as Bing. By using SEA you can attract more traffic to your website, for example by placing advertisements, images, texts or videos (for a fee).

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Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization in Dutch. SEO is one of the most important abbreviations in marketing. By using SEO you can get a higher position in the search engines without having to pay for this, as with SEA. Also known as organic search results. SEO consists, among other things, of placing content (texts and images) where the texts must be written in the right way using the right keywords in the right places. Technical aspects are also important, including the loading speed of the website in question.

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Interactive Advertising Bureau. The IAB is an international trade association in the field of digital advertising and interactive marketing. In the Netherlands, Dutch companies have united in the IAB Netherlands: advertisers, media operators, advertising agencies and media agencies. The IAB’s activities include conducting research, providing legal standards and developing standards for creative media. The most commonly used online banner formats can be found below:

– Billboard (970×250)
– Medium rectangle (300×250)
– Leaderboard (728×90)
– Mobile banner (320×50)
– (Wide) Skycraper (120/160× 600)
– Half page (300×600)


Search Engine Marketing. In Dutch search engine marketing. SEM is a broad term and relates to everything that has to do with the findability of websites in search engines. This concerns both the paid form (SEA) and the non-paid form (SEO).

More information: What is search engine marketing?


Pay per view. PPV is a revenue model. Advertisers on media platforms agree in this case to pay per view of their advertisement. This can be an ordinary advertisement, a banner, an image or, for example, a video. It is not necessary that the relevant advertisement is also clicked.


Return on investment. ROI refers to the ratio between revenue and investment. The ROI is usually expressed as a percentage. Investments are profitable if the ROI is higher than 100%. In case of failed investments, the ROI is less than 100%.

Example: Revenue = $7500 and Investment = $5000
ROI = (Revenue * 100) / Total Investment
7500 x 100 / 5000 = 150%


Return On Advertising Spend. ROAS is a special form of ROI. ROAS specifically expresses the increase in operating profit, as a result of the investment made in, for example, advertisements.


Search Engine Results Page (SERP). A SERP is a result page within a search engine after a search query has been entered. The result page shows links to web pages found, ranked by relevance and authority. The results are generally spread over a (large) number of pages. A position on the first page is aspired because there is the greatest chance of clicks here. In addition to the link (URL) of a website, a short description is usually also shown (snippet) so that one can get an impression of what to expect behind the link of the page.


APP Store Optimization. App Store Optimization is improving the findability of apps in the app stores. Major app stores include Google Play and App Store (iOS). The goal of ASO is to maximize the number of downloads where optimization can make the difference between a few and hundreds of downloads per day.


An ALT-Tag is an ALT text that is given to an image. This text contains a summary of what can be seen in the image. It is important for search engines that images are provided with an ALT-TAG because search engines cannot read images.


An OPT-IN is a permission from the owner of an email address. The owner of this e-mail address has expressly and demonstrably given permission to a certain mailing list to be allowed to send e-mails. This is in contrast to spam. If someone receives an e-mail without prior permission, an opt-in has not been used. Unsubscribing from the newsletter is also referred to as an opt-out.


Effective Cost Per Mille. The eCPM refers to the average cost per 1000 views of an online ad. Even when an advertisement is paid based on the number of conversions or number of clicks, the costs are often converted to eCPM.


Pay For Performance (also called P4P). PFP is a term used in internet marketing to define a pricing model. A third party, usually a marketing or advertising agency, receives a bonus for performance, the “performance”. It may concern a new customer, a lead or another performance that has been agreed between the parties.


Call to action. A CTA is a call to readers of commercial messages or websites to take action. Examples of a CTA: “buy now”, “request more information now” or “make an appointment immediately”. A good CTA is important and sometimes decisive for the success of an advertisement.

Which color is best for a CTA? Applying color psychology in practice k

H1, 2 and 3

Heading tags. H1, 2 and 3 are headings and subheadings within texts with which you can optimize your website. If you use H-headings effectively, it will be easier for Google to index the pages of your website. H-headings also increase the readability of your text.

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