China Television Company

China Television Company (CTV)


China Television Company, Ltd. (CTV). Television broadcasting company in Taiwan, was founded on September 3, 1968 by the Kuomintang nationalist party.


According to abbreviationfinder, it was established on September 3, 1968 by the then ruling Nationalist Party of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The party owned the majority stake in the network. Trial broadcast began on October 9, 1969 and the channel formally began broadcasting on October 31 of the same year.

It was the first television channel to broadcast full color television service to the entire island. The third version of the CTV logo (1980 – 1997)

On August 9, 1999, the channel was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, becoming the first public broadcasting company and listed on the island.

In 2006, due to the effects of Taiwan’s media reform law requiring all political parties to relinquish control over radio and television companies, 90% of CTV’s shares were being sold. to the China Times media group, which amounts to giving freedom to some of the station’s satellite television concerns, notably T’ien Chung Television (CTi), one of the leading cable television programmers in Taiwan. Some CTV programs are now seen on two CTI channels on cable.


  • Central CTV.
  • CTV News.
  • CTV MyLife.
  • CTV HD.


Its main headquarters are in Taiwan: 118, Chung Yang Rd., Taipei, Taiwan; New Taipei City; New Taipei City.


Its management structure is as follows:

  • Lin Sheng Feng (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
  • Kuo Jen Chieh (President)
  • Kuo Jen Chieh (Spokesperson)

Main Series

The drama series produced or marketed by the television network are different, these are the most significant:

  • Fall in love with me
  • It Started With A Kiss
  • They kiss again
  • Devil beside you
  • Romantic princess
  • Momo love
  • Fondant garden
  • ToGetHer
  • Deja vu
  • Sunny happiness
  • Down with Love
  • Hot shot
  • Love or bread
  • Go, Single Lady
  • Happy Michelin Kitchen
  • Silence
  • Rolling love
  • First kiss
  • True Love 365
  • Borrow your love
  • Summer fever
  • Seven friends
  • Legend of Star Apple
  • Dragon gate
  • Scent love
  • Boy and girl
  • Love recipe
  • Hi Shang Ban Nu Lang
  • My bratty princess
  • Nu Wang Bu Xia Ban
  • 18 Jin Bu Jin
  • The Queen!
  • Die Sterntaler
  • Orz Love Bull
  • Come To My Place
  • Tian Wai Fei Xian
  • Ia Ia, I do

China Television Company