In Latin we clearly find the etymological origin of the term death that now concerns us. Specifically, it derives from “defunctio”, which is the result of the sum of these components:

-The prefix “de-”, which indicates “direction from top to bottom”.

-The word “functio”, which is synonymous with “function” and which is the result of joining the word “functus”, which means “fulfilled”, and the suffix “-tio”, which is used to establish “action and effect”.

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The concept of death refers to the death of an individual. According to the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), formerly the term was also used as a synonym for funeral ceremonies (funeral rituals), but this meaning fell into disuse.

Speaking of death is the same as referring to the death, death or death of a person. The use of one or another concept is usually linked to the context. In the case of death, it is used in a formal or technical field.

For example: “The doctor confirmed the death of the patient at three in the afternoon”, “The death of the official caused a commotion in the compound”, “The epidemic caused a hundred deaths in the town”.

There is usually a protocol for declaring the death of a subject. It can be said that death occurs when the homeostatic process is extinguished: the person cannot maintain homeostasis and there is a cessation of the functions of the systems.

Once a professional has verified the death according to the appropriate protocol, a document known as a death certificate, death certificate or death certificate is issued. The document in question is necessary to carry out various procedures.

In this document, a series of essential data must appear, such as the name and surname of the deceased person, their nationality, age, occupation and address. In the same way, your marital status must be included, establishing the names and surnames of your spouse, if any, the date and time of death, as well as the necessary comments on the manner of death. Likewise, the data of the doctor who has certified his death will also be collected.

That death certificate or certificate will be essential to, among other things, claim inheritance, collect life insurance or a pension, settle outstanding debts, claim what are bank contracts, process official documents of different types…

It should be noted that the death can also be symbolic. A journalist can maintain that a certain event marked the demise of a political movement, to cite one case. An analyst, for his part, may judge that a scandalous act of corruption caused the demise of a company.

In the same way, several important defeats of a great football team can lead to the death of the successful team that it was. Thus, in 2019, it has been said that the Real Madrid team that won several Champions Leagues in a row has experienced its death after, in a week, being eliminated from the Copa del Rey and the Champions League while no longer having options to win the League.