AB testing 3

Meaning of A / B Testing Part III


Which elements of your website should you test?

Like you, many ask themselves which elements of their website they should actually test. This is not necessarily surprising, as most companies are unaware of whether their conversion rate is good or bad. It has to do with so many little things. Perhaps the visitor does not understand the product.

Maybe the button for the shopping cart is badly placed. There are so many possibilities. The list of elements that are best suited for A / B testing should serve as a suggestion for you.

Element Description
Title and headings It’s best to start by changing headings or changing content. So you can find out what appeals to the visitor more. Changing the color or font / font size can also be major causes.
Buttons Buttons often play a large, often underestimated role. Just try a few changes here. This can be the size, the color or the shape of the buttons.
Call-to-Action This button, also known as the CTA button, plays an important role. Not only used words such as “order here”, “register here” or “put in the shopping cart here” can be important. The placement of the button, its size, font and color are also important and can affect the conversion rate.
Images Images can often be more important than texts. Just try out different pictures. Which show more success? You also have a lot of leeway for experiments in terms of size and aesthetics.
Page structure The structure of a website determines a lot about the success or failure of a website. Even a homepage with different categories has to be well thought out by you.
Algorithms You can use various algorithms to get your visitors to buy or to increase the value of the shopping cart. For example, take a close look at points such as “most popular items”, “most purchased items”, etc.
Forms As mentioned above in the example for ideas, the forms also play a big role in terms of conversion rate. Make sure they are not too long. Forms need to be short and have a clear message.
navigation Make the navigation as simple and, above all, as user-friendly as possible. Here, too, test several page sequences and maybe even merge several parts into one page.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of AB testing?

According to theinternetfaqs.com, AB testing brings you some advantages, but also has disadvantages. All advantages and disadvantages of A / B testing at a glance.

Advantages Description
Subjective comparability A change through the AB testing can be compared subjectively. In many cases it happens that the way you look at the target group deviates very far from your personal view. But in order to optimize your optimization, you have to cater to the interests of the target group.
Simple implementation With the help of the tools described and many other tools, performing an A / B test is very easy. The effort required for this is low and you do not need any prior technical knowledge.
Clear results The evaluation and analysis after a test gives you clear results. You can change the website immediately after the test.
Also suitable for small websites AB testing is even very suitable for the analysis of small websites with few visitors a day.

Finally, the disadvantages of A / B tests:

Disadvantage Description
Several tests are necessary AB testing can only be used for optimization if you carry out checks that are also manageable. This means that you always have to carry out several tests in order to really determine the real trigger for your problem.
Information is lost In A / B testing, only one tested version wins. You then always implement this version. At the same time, this means that you will lose half of the information obtained.
Customer confusion If you make too many changes that you change again later, there is always the risk of confusing your customers. Ideally, you should therefore always carry out your A / B testing with new visitors.
Time consuming with small pages To get meaningful results, you need data with statistical significance. If your page has only a few conversions or few visitors, this can take some time.

What do you have to consider in AB testing?

Of course, some things can go wrong with the A / B test. Not only is this annoying, but it will also cost you valuable time. To prevent this from happening, we will give you a few tips on what to keep in mind.

  1. For your test solution, you have to ensure the reliability of the data.
  2. Before the actual test, you should perform a test test.
  3. Make sure you only test one variable at a time.
  4. Do one test at a time.
  5. The number of your variants must adapt to the traffic volume.
  6. Before you decide to act, the reliability rate should be 95%.
  7. Make sure the test runs long enough.
  8. However, if the test takes too long, you should cancel it.
  9. Make sure that you always take several indicators into account in your measurement.
  10. If certain promotions are running during your test, you must take them into account in the evaluation.
  11. During the test, you need to segment your target audience.


AB testing can be an important tool for you. User behavior on a website is becoming increasingly important not only for a good conversion rate. Important key figures for you are also the length of stay and bounce rates. Especially when a search engine needs to determine the quality of the target page.

For this reason alone, A / B testing is very important to you and should be carried out regularly. With a page in the area of ​​e-commerce, you can increase your sales and also optimize key visitor figures better.

AB testing 3