Meaning of Amplifier


Amplifier, from the Latin amplifier, is that which amplifies (amplifies, dilates, extends, increases the intensity of a physical phenomenon). An amplifier can be said to be a device that uses energy to magnify the amplitude of a phenomenon.

The most common use of the term is linked to the apparatus that increases the magnitude of the sound. Amplifiers allow electric guitars to emit sounds, since this instrument does not have a sound box but the strings vibrate on an electromagnetic capsule and these vibrations are amplified.

The musical instrument amplifiers, therefore, act as an interface that allows the sound output. Through its operation it is possible to add various effects, such as distortions. For example: “I would like to have an amplifier similar to the ones used by Eric Clapton in his live performances”, “This afternoon I could not practice with my guitar since the amplifier broke”, “I want a small amplifier without too much power because I live in an apartment and I can’t play my bass very hard. ”

Televisions and radios also have an amplifier, incorporated into its structure. The amplifier can be operated using buttons or knobs that allow you to vary the intensity of the sound.

There are various types of electronic and physical amplifiers, such as the operational amplifier, the differential amplifier, the power amplifier, the isolation amplifier, the instrumentation amplifier, the light amplifier, the power amplifier and optical amplifier. Each one fulfills a specific function, although it repeats the logic of increasing the intensity of a phenomenon.