Meaning of Amulet


The amulet concept derives from amulētum, a Latin word. An amulet is an element that a person treasures and that he usually carries with him since he believes that it offers protection or good luck.

For example: “This medal is my amulet: my grandmother gave it to me and it always protects me”, “Tomorrow I have to take an exam and I will take the amulet that Jorge gave me”, “Take this stone: it is an amulet that will keep the evil of your life ”.

Amulets work by superstition: the subject believes in their power beyond what is indicated by reason, science or even religion. This power that is attributed to the amulet is supernatural because it exceeds the laws of nature.

The origins of the amulets are linked to the human history itself. Prehistoric man treasured amulets in order to protect himself from all kinds of evil. Those first amulets used to be wood, rocks or other natural objects that had some physical peculiarity (their color, their shape, etc.).

Over the years, the amulets began to be objects that had been the protagonists of a special event or that were given by certain people. A soldier who finds a strange stone on the battlefield and returns home safe and sound may consider the stone to be an amulet, to name one possibility. A young man, on the other hand, may believe that a coin his late grandfather gave him has the power of an amulet.

It must also be established that amulets are indicated for each name or even for each zodiac sign. Thus, for example, in relation to the latter we can determine the following:
-It is determined that those belonging to the sign of Aries will have their main amulet on a key, because it is considered that this will be in charge of opening the doors of all the objectives that wish they achieve.
-Those who are Taurus, for their part, should know that their object of luck is a charm, because it brings stability and balance.
-Basil is established, on the other hand, which is the main element that gives luck to Geminis, guarantees them a good economy.
-To achieve the purposes that they pursue financially, it is established that those who belong to the sign of Cancer must have a lucky frog as an amulet.
-There is a well-known Chinese snake called Feng Shui, which is the most beneficial object for Leo since it gives them protection.
-In the same way, we cannot forget either that it is determined that the ideal amulet for Virgo is the symbol of the fisheye, since it serves to ward off all evil from their lives.
-The charm of the sun is the main object of good luck for those who belong to the sign of Libra. It gives them positivity in their lives.
-Just like for the Aries, for the Scorpios it is recommended that they always carry a key.
-A silver leaf shaped amulet is ideal for Sagittarians, as it allows them to have stability and tranquility at the same time.
-Finally, Capricorns must have a birch leaf as an amulet. This will take away all the negatives from your lives.