Meaning of Blister


The Latin word ampulla came to Spanish as an ampoule. This term has several uses: the first meaning mentioned by the dictionary refers to the inflammation that occurs in a sector of the epidermis when liquids accumulate.

A blister, in this sense, is a skin lesion that is generated as a defense method developed by the body. It is a reaction that the body makes to a friction or a burn, in order to restore the skin.

Blisters form from the accumulation of lymphatic fluid and other fluids. By widening the skin, the wound is protected. Typically, the blisters do not require medical treatment since they heal naturally when the fluids are reabsorbed by the body and the area dries out.

In addition to all the above, we can emphasize that there are several types of ampoule. Thus, for example, based on where it is located, we speak of a subcutaneous blister, which is the one below the dermis; the subcorneal ampulla, which is under the so-called stratum corneum; or the intraepidermal blister, which is the one located in the dermis.

In the event of a blister breaking into the skin, the ideal is to cover it with a dressing so that it does not break and continues to fulfill its protective function of the wound that caused its appearance. When, due to its location, the ampoule must burst, it is recommended to use a sterile needle to puncture it and then the area should be covered with a dressing so that infection does not occur.

In addition to what is indicated, there are other recommendations to be followed regarding blisters:
-You have to observe them daily to see how they evolve. And it is that in case of verifying that they worsen you will have to go to the doctor.
-Occasionally it is recommended to apply cold to the blisters because it is considered that it can alleviate the discomfort they cause. Of course, it must be done using ice and it must be wrapped in a cloth. That is, you should not place yourself directly on those injuries because it could seriously worsen their condition.

It must also be established that a blister can be caused by a burn from excessive sunbathing or even by footwear. In particular, this can give rise to said blister when it is not in good condition, when it has some type of very hard seam or when it is continually rubbing an area in an intense way.

Chickenpox, contact dermatitis or even the fact that the skin has come into contact with some liquid that was boiling are other situations that can lead to blisters on the body.

Ampoule, on the other hand, is the name given to a container made of glass, bronze, clay or glass. In ancient times, ampoules were used for the storage of perfumes. Today the idea of ​​an ampoule is associated with the funnel that, in a laboratory, is used to separate two liquids from their different densities and through decantation.