Meaning of Bonsai


The term bonsai, from the Japanese language. Specifically, it is the result of the sum of two terms of that language such as these:
-The noun “bon”, which is used to define a large bowl or plate.
-The verb “sai”, which can be translated as “planting”.
Hence, the meaning of bonsai is planting in a bowl.

It is used to name a plant whose growth is truncated through various procedures. Bonsai, in this way, always keep a small size.

Pruning, cutting the roots, pinching and transplanting are some of the actions that are carried out to model a bonsai. The objective of the technique is that the plant or the tree, beyond its smallness, maintains the appearance of the natural specimen.

It is believed that these types of crops emerged about 2,000 years ago in China. It was the Taoist monks who began to dabble in bonsai, considering trees as symbols of the eternal. Tradition indicated that the person capable of keeping a tree in a pot managed to earn eternity.

About 800 years ago, the technique landed on Japanese territory, where it gradually became popular. In this way, bonsai ceased to be the property of religious and nobles and were expanded to the entire community as decorative elements.

It is important to bear in mind that a bonsai is a “normal” plant that is kept small through different techniques (such as pruning and cutting), but whose genetics are not modified. For this reason, with proper care, a bonsai lives the same amount of time as a common tree of the same species.

According to DigoPaul, bonsai can be classified according to their style (straight trunk, sloping trunk, exposed roots, etc.) or their size (large, medium, small or miniature).

Among the most important tips and care that must be taken into account to have a bonsai are the following:
-It must be placed in a place where it receives sun and air and even where there may be some humidity. Hence, it can be established both on a terrace, on a balcony and even on a window. Of course, in winter you have to protect them from the cold.
-When you water you have to pour water into it until all the soil is wet.
-As is well known by all, bonsai require pruning. This is something that will be done in spring and also in late summer.
-The most recommended time to proceed to pay bonsai is autumn.
-In the same way, in order to get these trees to have the desired shape, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools. We are referring, above all, to what are the scissors that have a concave cut.

There are many famous people who have declared themselves unconditional fans of bonsai and who enjoy taking care of them and pruning them properly. This would be the case of the former president of Spain Felipe González.