Meaning of Boom


The first thing to know about this term is that it is an Anglicism widely used colloquially.

It’s called boom to the burst of popularity experiencing something. It is a sudden and often surprising success. For example: “The export of sheep meat is experiencing a boom”, “The government expects an investment boom in the pharmaceutical industry”, “The new album by the Swedish band is a boom all over the world”.

The Latin American Boom was the name given to the rise of the literature of Latin America in the decades of 1960 and 1970. This boom meant enormous editorial success and massive recognition around the globe for authors such as the Colombian Gabriel García Márquez, the Mexican Carlos Fuentes, the Argentine Julio Cortázar and the Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa.

“One Hundred Years of Solitude” by García Márquez, “The Death of Artemio Cruz” by Fuentes, “Rayuela” by Cortázar and “The City and the Dogs” by Vargas Llosa are some of the main books that were part of the Latin American Boom.

In Spain, the Boom of adult comics is spoken of to refer to the growth of comics intended for an adult audience. This boom began in 1967 and lasted for almost two decades.

Boom, on the other hand, is the onomatopoeia used to refer to an explosion. It should be remembered that an onomatopoeia is a word created from the imitation of the sound of the concept to which it refers. In the case of “boom”, it is often used in comics and literature to refer to an explosion or detonation: “Boom! The bomb exploded in front of the barracks and caused the building to collapse ”, “ Hearing the boom, the young man threw himself to the ground ”.

In Spain there is a television contest that is precisely entitled “Boom”. Juanra Bonet is the presenter of this space in which two teams of four players each face off demonstrating their cultural knowledge.

The goal is for each team to defuse up to a total of ten bombs. To do so, they must find the correct answer to the questions associated with each of these explosives. Specifically, they will be given several answers, each one attached to a cable of a color, and the contestants must cut the cables of those they consider wrong.

In the event that they cut the cable that has the correct answer, the explosion of the bomb will occur, which will be manifested by a rain of harmless material. In addition, for each bomb that they fail to neutralize, the team will lose one player.

It is a version of an Israeli program and in Spain, so far, it has managed to award the largest prize in the history of television in the country: 2,326,000 euros.

Within the field of music the term at hand is also used. Specifically, we have to establish that the singer from Almeria David Bisbal has, for example, a song entitled “Oye el boom”. It was published in 2004 and was part of his album called “Bulería”.