Meaning of Boot


When boot comes from the French word botte, the concept refers to footwear that protects the foot, the ankle and a sector of the leg. Its height, however, varies according to the model and its function.

In some cases, the boots barely cover the ankle. In others, however, they can reach beyond the knee. Boots can also have a heel or heel. For example: “For my birthday I would like you to give me leather boots”, “Today I will have to go out with the rain boots: everything is flooded”, “I think the red boots will combine very well with your new pants”.

Generally, in the casual wardrobe, boots are a feminine footwear. Many times women choose tight and tall boots that allow them to style their legs. Men, for their part, usually choose boots as a coat.

There are also work boots (made with resistant materials to protect workers), sports boots (such as ski boots and football boots or boots) and orthopedic boots (which immobilize the foot and are used in the frame therapeutic treatment).

In the same way, we cannot overlook another notable series of boot varieties, such as the following:
-Waterproof boots, which are the ones that are used, especially when it rains. It is the way that the feet do not get wet and can be used both for everyday use and, for example, to be able to perform tasks in the field. These boots can be found in plain color or with drawings and colors with the little ones in mind.
-Cowboy boots. Of these we can say that they were originally created to be able to work in agricultural and livestock tasks. However, with the passage of time they began to become fashionable and have become a common footwear also for day to day. These can be used by both men and women. Of this type of footwear, it stands out, above all, its pointed toe and that its heel is usually square and wide.

When it comes to buying some boots as footwear for daily use, a series of recommendations must be taken into account such as these:
-It is essential to buy the right size for the foot. They should neither be loose nor too tight.
-You have to look at three aspects that will provide comfort and comfort: the sole, the instep and the heel.
-It is important that when trying on the boots in the shoe store they wear the type of socks with which they will be used.
-You have to pay attention to seams that may be annoying.

Bota can also derive from the late Latin buttis and refer to a drop or pear shaped container used to store wine. These boots, made with leather, have a narrow part that allows the liquid to escape in fine jets. They also have a plug. It is possible to press the container so that the jet of drink is forcefully expelled and thus leave the boot at a certain distance from the mouth while drinking.