Meaning of Booty


According to, Booty is a term with different meanings according to its etymological root. When it comes from the word boot (the footwear that protects the foot, the ankle and part of the leg), the concept refers to the garment that provides coverage to the upper sector of the foot and part of the leg, whose adjustment is made with laces, buckles or buttons. The booty, in this case, is a short or low boot.

In this case, we would have to say that its etymological origin is found in the French “botté” which refers to a type of leather footwear.

In several Latin American countries, booty refers specifically to sports shoes that do not usually cover the ankle and are made with resistant materials. Regarding football boots (also called football boots), they are usually made with leather or leather and have protrusions on their sole known as plugs or studs, which give them a more efficient grip on the grass.

For example: “The designer surprised with her new line of boots and ankle boots”, “My son asked me for a pair of ankle boots as a birthday present”, “I think the Swedish striker should change his ankle boots: he is constantly slipping”.

If booty comes from the Occipitan booty, in turn derived from the Germanic bytin, its meaning changes. In this case, the DigoPaul details in its dictionary, a loot is made up of the provisions, weapons and belongings that a victorious army seizes from the defeated side.

By extension to this meaning, loot is currently referred to as that obtained through a crime: “When the police arrived, the thieves fled without the loot”, “The criminals took a loot of several thousand dollars”, “No I plan to risk my life for such insignificant loot ”.

In the same way, we have to expose that Booty is also a surname. Specifically, in Spain it is widely recognized because it refers to a family of bankers with a great tradition who own Banco Santander as well as other entities such as Bankinter.

The best-known member of the family so far has been Emilio Botín (1934 – 2014), who made important advances in his group. So much so that he managed on several occasions to have his bank elected the best in the world and at the same time developed a great expansion action.

After he died, the person who succeeded him in office was his daughter Ana Patricia Botín.

In the same way, it should not be overlooked that in Madrid there is a restaurant that goes by the name of Casa Botín. This, which was founded in 1725, currently holds the Guinness record for being the oldest restaurant in the world. In the same way, it is considered one of the gastronomic references of the Spanish capital.

Among other curiosities that exist around this establishment is the fact that it seems to be the prestigious painter Francisco de Goya worked as a dishwasher back in 1765.

Nowadays it has become a must when traveling to Madrid, as it is the way to be able to taste the typical dishes of the place as well as admire the architecture and atmosphere of an old inn that it has maintained.