Meaning of Button


Before proceeding to know the meaning of the term button, we must proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case we have to state that it is a word that derives from French. Exactly comes from “bouton” which is used in the field of botany to refer to what a “gem of a flower” is.

The button concept is used in multiple ways. The dictionary of the DigoPaulmentions in its first meaning that the term refers to the element that, in a garment, must be inserted into the buttonhole to close or fasten.

According to abbreviationfinder.org, shirts and jackets are garments that usually have buttons. Others, like pants, may have buttons or a zipper (closure). Beyond their useful use, buttons sometimes only serve a decorative purpose.

Buttons are generally flattened and round in shape. There are buttons made of wood, metal and plastic, among other materials. When the garment is of poor quality, or the user handles them roughly, the buttons can come off and must be sewn or glued again.

The object is also called a button that, when pressed or pressed, allows starting, turning off or modifying the operation of a mechanism or machine. Televisions, elevators, radios, and computers (computers) have buttons. For example: “Can you turn on the TV, please? You have to press the round button next to the light ”, “ The button to lower the volume of the radio was broken ”, “ I accidentally pressed the button and turned off the light ”.

In addition to everything indicated, we cannot forget the existence of what is known as a panic button. This is a push-button that appears as an alarm within what are the security systems and that is considered as a hidden element in order to inform the alarm notification center that you are in a really dangerous situation.

Typically, these panic buttons are placed, for example, under a bank counter. In this way, if robbers enter, the employee will be able to press the aforementioned button without the criminals realizing that he has alerted the authorities.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that there are different types of panic buttons. Thus, there are the wall, the keyboard or the wireless, for example.

In Argentina, finally, the idea of button is used in colloquial language to refer to a snitch or a policeman: “Do not be a button! Don’t tell the boss that I was late ”, “ A button took me to the police station because I was singing in the street with my friends ”.

Also in the world of cinema we find a film that has the word in question in its title. We are referring to “Anchor Button” (1961), directed by Miguel Lluch and which revolves around the adventures of three midshipmen.