Meaning of Gaping


The adjective gaping is used to qualify one whose mouth is open, indicates the dictionary of the DigoPaul in the first meaning it mentions of the concept. The person with the open mouth, therefore, is gaping.

For example: “To perform the extraction of the tooth, I need you to remain open-mouthed for several minutes”, “My jaw drops because, if I close my mouth, my jaw hurts”, “It is difficult to speak when you have to stay open-mouthed”.

It is important to note that the use of the term gaping in situations such as those set out in the previous paragraph is not very common in everyday speech, at least not in all Spanish-speaking regions; in many cases it is normal to use the phrase “with an open mouth.”

Open- mouthed, the subject is also told that he is surprised, stunned or stupefied by something: “The singer’s cleavage left the presenter speechless”, “The spectators were speechless at the wonderful play of the team captain”, “Upon discovering that the old man I had left him a tip of $ 1,000, the waitress’s jaw dropped.

In this case, the notion of gaping is linked to the expression that an individual’s face usually adopts when something leaves him stunned or overwhelmed. The person who is greatly surprised often opens his mouth without being able to articulate words. He also opens his eyes wide, as if trying to convince himself that what he is seeing is real.

Let us suppose that a man is walking down an avenue in his city when he suddenly comes across a naked woman. The strangeness of the situation makes his jaw drop, unable to understand why the girl in question is on the street without clothes.

If a player football gives him a punch in the face to a teammate, the audience in the stadium will also be astounded by this irrational scene.

As can be seen in the previous examples, the variety of situations that can leave us speechless is very wide, although there are many more, since each person has their own sensitivity, their own interests and this makes what is normal for someone seem strange to others.

One detail that we must not miss is that we are not always speechless when an unexpected situation presents itself to us; on the contrary, many times we go after those things that leave us astonished, because they generate a lot of pleasure and we want to live them again.

For example, lovers of computer-generated graphics are always aware of the latest technological advances in graphics cards and 3D editing and animation programs because they feel the need to see something better than their latest movie or their latest favorite video game. Every time a revolutionary title is announced, even if they make the news voluntarily, they cannot contain their excitement, their jaws drop.

Of course, it is also possible to react in this way when we are faced with a situation that surprises us for negative reasons, that affects us, hurts us because we did not expect to have to go through something similar. Some of the issues that fall into this group are betrayal, deception, and bad news.

Let’s see some examples in which this group of situations that can leave us open-mouthed as well as disappointing and sad is depicted: a person who receives a dismissal letter for no apparent reason after having worked in a company for two decades; someone who discovers that their partner has cheated on them for several years; Despite having asked a friend not to tell a secret, he does so and it becomes public.