Meaning of Nice


Nice is the diminutive of good (something with a positive value since it is pleasant, useful, satisfactory or important). It is an adjective that can be used to describe something or someone who enjoys beauty. For example: “I congratulate you, you have a very nice son”, “My wife gave me a nice green pants for my birthday”, “What nice landscapes this place has!” .

That which, due to its magnitude or size, transcends the usual or the common, can also be classified as beautiful: “By winning the literary contest, the Peruvian writer will receive a nice financial reward”, “You’ve hit a nice blow! Let me see how you have your leg “, ” Today I’m going to have a nice plate of noodles for dinner.

In colloquial language, bonito can be an affectionate or sarcastic vocative to address a person, or an ironic adjective to define something as inappropriate, inappropriate or unpleasant: “Hey, pretty, would you accept that I asked you to dance?” , “Nice, be silent for a moment and pay attention to me”, “Nice gift you have given me…”.

It is called bonito, on the other hand, a fish that resembles tuna, although of a smaller size. Belonging to the teloste family (since its skeleton is completely ossified), the bonito is part of the human diet.

Although there are several fish known as Bonitos, the notion usually refers to specimens of the genus Sarda, such as Sarda sarda, Sarda australis, Sarda chiliensis and Sarda orientalis, among others.

In the same way, we cannot ignore how beautiful is also the name of various geographical corners of the planet. We are referring specifically to the following:
-A municipality in Brazil that is part of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. It has about 18,000 residents and has become a corner of Rio of great tourist attraction. And it is that those who visit it can enjoy spectacular waterfalls, incredible underwater banks, rivers with transparent waters…
-The Italian town of Bonito, is part of the Avellino province and the Campania region. It has just over 2,400 residents.

On a musical level, the word that concerns us is also relevant because, for example, that is the title of one of the albums by the group Jarabe de Palo, led by Pau Donés. It was published in 2003, managed to sell more than 60,000 copies and included songs such as “Bonito”, “I don’t know how to be in love”, “Like fish in the water”, “Hidden words” or “Still no touch”.

In the same way, one of the most popular songs of Spanish pop has in its title the word that we are analyzing. We are referring to the composition “Bonito es”, which was launched on the market in 1992 and which was the most successful of all the songs published by the group Los Sencillos from the 90’s. Miqui Puig was the leader and singer of this band.