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Opportunities & ideas for passive income

Rental income

The best known passive income is rental income . If you have enough equity, you can build up a large real estate stock over the years. If you invest your capital skillfully, the objects will finance each other. The rental income will allow you to live a comfortable life over the years. If you are a tenant and your apartment is big enough, you can sublet a room. Or offer the whole apartment for a limited time if you are planning a longer stay abroad. Renting an apartment gives you the means to earn money by subletting. Don’t forget to speak to your landlord in advance.

Amazon FBA & Residual Income on the Internet

Amazon FBA is very interesting for Internet companies . All you have to do is take care of the goods and send them to Amazon’s warehouse. For a fee, the e-commerce giant takes on the marketing and the rest. From marketing to sales processing and payment ( dropshipping). Creative minds and artists can be found in the now very popular t-shirt business. The idea behind this is to print and offer a cool design on a t-shirt, mug, sweater or something similar. So market printable products. There are now a number of platforms that support this type of company. The artist provides the template, the platform takes care of the rest. Whether it is worth getting started must, however, be checked carefully, as a large number of people follow this idea.

Another form of e-commerce is the affiliate shop . In this online shop, the products presented are linked to another online shop. That is, the website owner is not the seller of the products on their website. Print products such as posters, calendars or postcards that you can print out yourself can be offered digitally and are therefore in vogue. Affiliate marketing offers a profitable passive income opportunity. You can also earn money through affiliate marketing wherever you are . You could rent out your apartment during your travels.

Print media, audio books or eBooks

For talented writers there is the possibility of bringing their books to the normal market as print media and as audio books . Or offer them as an eBook or audio file on the Internet. Good books, in whatever form, ensure a continuous passive income. If you invest the time to develop your own topics and present them for a fee on various portals, this can be a very lucrative source of income.

Individual tourism has developed into a major trend in the travel industry . Anyone who has a little writing talent and good insider tips for a city or region has the chance to put them into an alternative travel guide, put it online and score points financially.

With exclusive content, member areas offer themselves as a source of income. On the main page you will find the first information, further or complete texts are only available in a paid member area.


Musicians have the opportunity to earn money with their own music either through GEMA or on special downloadable platforms.

Stock Photos is the ideal platform for passionate photographers. If you make your pictures available on a stock photo platform, you will receive a share in the profits for every sale. If you are creative and able to create stock graphics, you can sell them through stock graphics portals.

eLearning products

Another great way to generate passive income online is e-learning. Online courses, webinars, tutorials, workbooks, the range of eLearning products is huge and in demand like never before. For example, a course that you created once can be sold again and again as a video. Workbooks, in print and in digital form, are an ideal addition to online courses and webinars. Or they even represent independent learning units for a special topic.

If you know your way around a very special, not so general subject area, it is worth building a niche page with advertising, paid cooperations and / or affiliate links. For bloggers and YouTube channel operators, banner advertising is another step in generating passive income. For building your own website, we recommend a CMS like WordPress and the right WordPress theme for you .

Stock trading

The area of stock trading is one of the particularly complex topics and requires thorough training. Those who are well versed in the field can make a lot of money trading stocks. Provided that he has the corresponding share capital. Never underestimate the risk. Many people lost all of their belongings due to the incorrect use of capital.

Crowdinvesting is somewhat safer due to the diversification . You will receive interest on your investments, but you are not alone, but in a group – similar to crowdfunding . Various platforms now enable private money lending. There, private individuals give money to other private individuals in exchange for interest. If you install a donation button on your website, you collect money for high-quality content on a voluntary basis.

Stock trading

Rent items

Renting out items is also one of the best ways to generate passive income. You can rent out pretty much anything that you don’t have in use. For example, superfluous camera equipment, party equipment, technical gadgets and the like. Car sharing sites make it possible to share your car with others. This not only brings in money, but also helps the environment.


The Internet is an Eldorado for IT specialists. Good software is needed all the time and can be resold as often as you like. An app with real added value for the user can quickly develop into a gold mine.

Pigeonhole thinking, earning income and money with little effort

If you have enough capital at your disposal, you will certainly find it easy to generate passive income. He has the option of acquiring real estate, shares or stakes in a company. However, the use of funds is not absolutely necessary. With enough creativity, ambition and time commitment, there are numerous ways to generate passive income without high capital expenditure. Pigeonhole thinking and exact delimitations are unnecessary obstacles, more important is the will to implement your own ideas. There are many mixed forms of active and passive income, some active incomes can be converted into passive income through automation. If your goal is passive income, you should think about how you can best convert the active part of your job into a passive part.