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Meaning of Sketch


A sketch is the first trace, sketch or design that is made of a pictorial work or of any other production of human creativity. The sketch is the first concrete step of the work, that is, the first materialization of the author’s idea.

In the artistic field, as we have mentioned, sketches are essential for authors to establish their first ideas about the works they want to develop. This has led to the fact that today, in different museums around the world, we have the opportunity to admire and learn about sketches by great painters such as, for example, Cézanne or Picasso.

The sketch must evolve and complete a series of stages until it becomes a complete work. For this reason, the notion of an outline is also associated with any vague and not very specific idea of ​​something. For example: “The architect presented a sketch about the construction that I really liked”, “Tomorrow I have to render the final and I just have a sketch of the topics to develop”, “I want a sketch of your plan for the last hour of the afternoon ”.

The notion of sketch is associated with that of schema, a term of Latin origin (schema) that refers to a symbolic or graphic representation of material or immaterial things. The scheme can be the idea or the concept that you have about something.

In the more technical fields, the sketch can be likened to an outline when it is a guide for the development of a project. In these cases, it is the basis that indicates the steps to follow.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of an expression that makes use of the term that we are now analyzing. This is the adjective phrase “in sketch”, which is commonly used to refer to the fact that something is either not perfected or has not yet been completed.

We also have to make it clear that this concept we are studying is also present in one of the most important animation series in history. We are referring to the production called “Pokémon”, which began as a video game saga and finally achieved such success that it made the leap to the small screen and even to theaters.

In that one we find the fact that there is a very important place called El Bosquejo. More specifically, that is the name given to a forest that is located on what is known as Exta Island and that appears in the Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green. Another of the hallmarks is that in it you can find Heracross, a Pokémon bug that is part of what the fighting type is.

For a text, an outline is a short summary that includes phrases and words instead of full paragraphs. These sketches are organized in a hierarchical way so that the ideas are arranged more clearly. The outline allows you to plan the writing of an essay, by organizing the ideas that the author wants to capture in his text.

Sketch 2