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Meaning of Start Button


In order to know the meaning of the term start button, it is necessary to discover what is the etymological origin of the words that give it its shape:
-Button, first of all, comes from French. Specifically, it derives from the word “bouton”, which can be translated as “gem of a flower”.
-Start, secondly, we have to state that it is a term derived from Latin. Exactly from “initium”, which can be translated as “start”. A word that, in turn, has its origin in the Latin verb “inire”, which is equivalent to “begin”.

According to, various elements are known as a button. In this case we are interested in referring to the objects that, when pressed or pressed, make it possible to turn off, turn on or modify the operation of a machine or a system. Home, meanwhile, is the beginning, the root or the origin of something.

The idea of ​​the start button is used to name the tool that allows starting a mechanism or starting the development of a job. For example: “The manual indicates that, to start playing a movie, you have to press the start button”, “The start button of the coffee machine is not working: I will have to take it to technical service”, “No I find the start button on this machine ”.

In general, the term start button refers specifically to an element of the Windows operating system that makes it possible to execute different tasks. This button is on the desktop of the computer (computer), to the left of the taskbar. Using the start button it is possible to open a document, search for a file, run a program or access the system configuration, to name a few possibilities.

The characteristics and aesthetics of the start button were changing with different versions of Windows. In Windows 8 even the button was removed, although it was later reincorporated due to user complaints.

By clicking on the start button, a menu with multiple options is displayed. The user can modify the shortcuts included in this menu, adding or removing programs and adding options.

In the Windows 10 version, when the user clicks on the start button, he accesses the following elements:
-The applications he uses the most frequently.
-The file explorer, which will allow you to access the entire set of folders and documents that you have on your computer.
-The configuration element, through which you will be able to establish the parameters you want, both in terms of screen, networks and security, as well as the peripherals that you connect to your computer.
-System to shut down, suspend or restart the equipment.
-Search system to find any document, image, video or folder you need.
-In the same way, at a single glance you can also access content that may be interesting to you. Among it are from news to weather forecasts through access to your email or some of the latest messages that have been published on social networks.

Start Button