Music Television (MTV)

Music Television (MTV)

Acronyms Technology

MTV, (acronym for Music Television according to abbreviationfinder) is an American cable television network, originally established in 1981 by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment. Since 1985 it has been part of Viacom.


MTV began broadcasting on August 1, 1981 with a video by the English group The Buggles, Video killed the radio star; the second video shown was Pat Benatar ‘s You better run. Today it is an entire media conglomerate operating Nickelodeon, VH1, and a bundle of five digital services: MTV Jams, MTV Hits, VH1 Soul, and VH1 Classic. MTV also has its own broadcast in Spanish. In June 2004, MTV began publishing a magazine in Spain.

Achievements, contributions

It has promoted the career of many global artists, that is to say that today they are recognized worldwide, such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Pink among others, because MTV promotes and streams their music videos which are viewed all over the world according to the level of the artist (whether they are a global artist or just from a sector of the world). MTV has changed a lot since its early days of programming; became MTV Networks and has grown tremendously. It has more than 71,600,000 subscribers in the United States and reaches 301.2 million subscribers in 82 countries, has 9,105 affiliates and broadcasts 24 hours a day.

International development

MTV has expanded internationally: including MTV UK and the United States, MTV Europe (1987), MTV Brazil (1990), MTV Japan (1992), MTV China (1995), MTV Asia (1995), MTV Spain (2000), and MTV Latin America (1993), beginning in this branch with the video “We are sudamerican rockers” by the Chilean group Los Prisioneros. Its target market is young people between the ages of 12 and 34, which covers a very diverse group. With the popularity of MTV came the popularity of the people on the channel, better known as VJs or Video Jockeys, who have come to hold a very powerful position.


It is a music company, which has provided much success for the fame of artists by promoting their songs, also with awards such as the MTV Video Music Awards, its peer The MTV Awards, the MTV Europe Music Awards and the recurring special event MTV Live which offers a condensed version of the concerts of famous artists performed for MTV television.


Currently, the MTV channel has completely turned its programming to live series and reality television, so much so that on February 8, 2010, the channel decided to remove the Music Television legend from its logo, thus making it official that it is no longer a fully-fledged channel. dedicated to music. It was also a sponsor of a Formula One team in the 1990s, of the Simtek team.

Music Television (MTV)