Social Classes

Meaning of Social Classes

Social stratification in classes has its origin in the transition from feudalism to capitalism and is fully established in capitalist society, mainly with its consolidation after the Industrial Revolution, in England, during the second half of the 18th century. What are social classes? In order to properly understand this form of inequality prevalent in the […]

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Mineral Coal

Meaning of Mineral Coal

The coal is the most abundant fossil fuel on earth. It is estimated that there are reserves for another 200 years of human consumption. It is usually black and shiny, although this characteristic may vary. Origin and formation of coal Mineral coal comes from the decomposition of forests that occurred in the Carboniferous period, from […]

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taxable sales

Meaning of Taxable Sales

What are taxable transactions? According to, the term “tax-exempt” or “tax-free” is always used when a transaction is simply not taxed because current legislation states that no tax is payable. It is also important to make a distinction between a real and a fake sales tax exemption . With regard to the real VAT […]

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Meaning of Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy is a sub-area of ​​financial policy and includes all monetary measures of a state that affect the economy. It is therefore an important economic policy control instrument. Through its fiscal policy, a state can exert significant influence on the cyclical or economic development. Fiscal policy comprises all (financial) measures that government agencies can […]

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Meaning of Forex Trading

The term Forex is derived from the English term “Foreign Exchange”. Forex trading has become increasingly popular in recent years. Forex trading differs in spot trading, which takes place between banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, and forex trading, in which private investors participate. To participate in forex trading, a private investor must open […]

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Meaning of Merger

In business, a merger describes the merging of two companies. In most cases there is a buyer and a seller. Large banks have specialized in accompanying such takeovers or mergers, the specialist departments for this are called Mergers and Acquisition, or M&A for short, in German Fusionen und Takeovers. There is a whole range of different variants within […]

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Meaning of Monetary Policy

The term “monetary policy” always refers to the actions of central banks. Monetary policy encompasses all measures taken by banks that aim to stabilize the financial market. Various tools are available to central banks to achieve this. With their monetary policy, central banks should, among other things, ensure price stability. An expansionary monetary policy leads […]

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Meaning of Chat

A chat is a real-time communication between at least two people taking place on the Internet. According to digopaul, the term comes from English, where it means “to chat”. Originally, internet chats were purely text-based, today audio and video chats are also possible. Communication in a chat can take place almost synchronously. The first programs […]

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Meaning of 3D

Defined on abbreviationfinder, 3D is the abbreviation for three-dimensional and the name for the spatial representation of bodies. A 3D representation usually consists of the spatial dimensions of length, width and height. 3D films give the impression that the action is not taking place on the screen, but directly in the room. 3D glasses filter […]

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