Bankruptcy Petition

Meaning of Bankruptcy Petition

Filing for bankruptcy – if a company becomes insolvent, it goes into bankruptcy (= insolvency). In the event of insolvency or overindebtedness, a company is obliged to file for bankruptcy immediately. In the event of impending insolvency, a company can file for bankruptcy at its own discretion. When filing for insolvency, insolvency proceedings are initiated […]

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Social Groups

Meaning of Social Groups

Human nature itself requires men to group together. Life in society is a necessary condition for the survival of the human species. Since the beginning, men have lived together, forming social groups , such as families, for example. For sociologist Karl Mannheim, the contacts and social processes that bring individuals closer or further apart cause […]

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Corporate Identity

Meaning of Corporate Identity

Corporate identity describes a complex, strategic concept. This coordinates all corporate activities both in terms of content and form. All of this serves to create a distinctive personality and increase acceptance performance. What is corporate identity (CI)? When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur or startup, it may sound a little strange and excessive to […]

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Meaning of Opium

Opium, a natural product of the poppy Papaver Somniferum, belongs to the category of opiates, which is also composed of morphine, codeine and heroin. It is obtained by making an incision in the poppy capsule, from which a milky-looking liquid comes out that solidifies easily, becoming brownish. An average of 3000 plants are needed to […]

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Social Classes

Meaning of Social Classes

Social stratification in classes has its origin in the transition from feudalism to capitalism and is fully established in capitalist society, mainly with its consolidation after the Industrial Revolution, in England, during the second half of the 18th century. What are social classes? In order to properly understand this form of inequality prevalent in the […]

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